An argument to examine thoroughly and that can possibly improve our understanding of "Space".


  1. Introduction
  2. A large number of human beings, and perhaps several amongst us, in unseen circumstances, verify unexplainable phenomena like the precognition, the remember of incident or the places never known or visited previously. Some say to be in contact with celestial entities or soul of the dead.

    The explanations of these phenomena have fascinated many people. From these we look at a serious searcher, and also charlatans.

    An attempt to look at aid pursue, with these notes forming the basis of an analysis, the more scientific possible, to initiate the opening of a complicated path from that branch of knowledge and for some to perform individual inter-disciplinary tasks to gain the knowledge fundamental to this argument.

    The method used in this analysis is accustomed to that of hypothesis and the logical sequence of events and this investigation attempts to give a rigorous demonstration.

    The hypothesis is feasible and it is demonstrated as follows:

    "Suppose that the events of space-time are co-present and suppose that each stimulates electromagnetic and gravitational fields, sensitives, seers or individual contacts that form the psychological features suitable for an low energy to transmit and receive, and also to have the ability to look into the paste and into the future."

    To verify the correctness of this hypothesis we analyse the exactness of the two departing conditions "co-present" and" emissions simultaneous to each gravitational field" and then present a detailed proposal that builds on the first attempt to rationalise some laws the reading of what is needed more deeply and then to undertake an experiment for defining the completeness and entity of these parameters.

    This analysis requires the presentation of actual scientific knowledge. A brief summary is drawn in the next chapter.

  3. Actual Scientific knowledge
  4. 2.1) Known forces

    The primary concept is that force is associated with muscular sensations – this we prove when we make an effort to start or prevent movement of matter. The scientific measure is (however well known) the amount of motion that we communicate to matter in an interval of time.

    The actual knowledge of physic we may demonstrate in the world in which we live is dominated by tree fundamental forces:

    Electromagnetic-weak (e)

    Strong (f)

    Gravitational (g)

    Forces "e" and "g" exercise there action at infinite distance, whilst force "f" exercises an infinitesimal distance, like atomic energy. In the diagram here (D1) a qualitative report, the series and the above-mentioned concepts are simplified.

    inexplicale.gif (5156 byte)


    In the situation of forces explained before we deduce that the influence of such force is varied and various from the point of observation and the moment we observe the phenomenal influence of such force.

    The space, and all is existing inside, come to be influenced by (e) and (g) forces also in relative large distances and modifies the condition in consequence and intensity of the law with which the two forces meet. The analysis is appropriate to study the effect of the many points looked at and actually affirm, with an almost obvious definition, the macroscopic perception that force (e) and (g) have a relevant influence on human behaviour.

    The question to request a significant and thorough examination is influential in this exercise; it is furnished with the logical capacity and the perception of forces (e) and (g) when they go under the microscope. The first level of answer of actual knowledge is varied and various influences are received by the subject. The research should define characteristics and levels of that forces, and observer properties.


    2.2) Theory of Time

    The research of influence of forces into the space, after the studies of Albert Einstein at the beginning of this centuries, can not to live out of consideration on the close interrelation with time.

    Arthur S. Eddington, in his explanation of the influence on space, time and gravitation, say clearly that: "although there are absolute past and future, between these there is a neutral zone that is called "the elsewhere", and simultaneous events in different places do not have any absolute meaning" (D 2).

    f u t u r e

    v u




    o x





    p a s t

    D 2

    In extreme syntheses, following the theory of relativity of Einstein, we can interpret what Eddington has affirmed that: "the division of past and future (a temporal characteristic that does not have some analogy with ordinary space) is strictly connected to our ideas on the causality of free will".

    In a perfected scheme to determine the past and the future it is possible for us to consider how to make clearer before an our eyes the achievability with the present typical exploration of the far regions of space.

    All events do not happen: they are there, and we meet them.

    In consequence, "the formality of the place" depends solely on the observation that in our voyage of exploration we have gone into the absolute past or enter into the absolute future (exploitation perhaps of the space-time contraction).

    An example of named quantum, always in explicative type, is represented by work done on how we think in that, like the knowledge that will be the eclipse in 1999, or the existence of the invisible companion of the star "Algol".

    Our knowledge of where we are and that of when we are is not essential to itself; the deduction (sometime wrong) is that the impression is received and retained in memory hear and now.

    In this way, if all events are determined; none are prevented that a person is to be aware of the first event before this has occurred and this event may cause other unprecedented events.

    Such an example is the event of the eclipse in May 1919 in that some observers were embarked upon in March. Obviously this affirms the lack of direct knowledge of this events.

    For an observer outside, looking at our world some events can apparently be the cause of the events happening in our future, whilst others apparently cause events in our past; the verity is that all of this events are connected by the precise law.

    The causal events are the centres from where this links are irradiated.



  5. Analysis of the starting conditions
  6. Following previous considerations and analysis made, we can conclude that all events are "co-present" and their existence is dependent upon the conditions in which the observer is in relation with the events.

    We have therefore confirmed the validity of the conditions of the co-presence of the events of time-space.

    We need to verify if the second condition "the simultaneous generation of electromagnetic and gravitational waves" of the events of time-space is correct.

    Starting from Einstein’s general theory of Relativity, it follows that the electron is a singularity of the electrical field and, at the same time, of the gravitational field. Furthermore an additional problem, that was still not resolved at the beginning of the century, considered if light contained mass, was resolved partially by the modern physics. It was well know that had the mass or inertia like other electromagnetic energies. The evidence of this phenomena came from the pressure of radiation with a very small intensity as the classic electromagnetic theory.

    From all the observations made and from the study made by WEYL in 1918, it resulted that the "law" is the same for gravitation and electromagnetic.

    For the principle of reciprocity we can confirm that if the matter presents the same gravitational and electromagnetic aspects, then these aspects shall co-exist in all physical phenomena including generation, propagation or annulment of this forces.

    An easy example of propagation of one type of energy from the mass is given by the phenomenon of the reflection of light from our body (electromagnetic energy) propagating in the space and the time. Second-by-second, our image is radiated in space and one observer can receive it after the image has made all it’s revolutions around the curve of space and has returned to the observer, or in the case when the observer by-passes with its velocity, the velocity of the propagation of its own image. Thus, for the principle of the reciprocity with electromagnetic energy we have, at the same time, the propagation of gravitational energy (g).

    It’s universally know that the force-field connected to the movement of an electrical charge is strictly related to the inertia and measured by the mass. Taking this last conclusion into account we can say that when an event occurs, we can presume that same time radiation of the electromagnetic and gravitational field is obtained.

    If we suppose that there is an exchange of energy, this phenomena can allow to overcome the velocity of the light during the movement in the time-space. The implications of this phenomena can, for example, explain the characteristics of UFO comportment.

    In conclusion we can say that, is extremely probable that each event is constituted simultaneously by electromagnetic and gravitational waves.

    From this consideration, it follow that also the second condition is exact enough.

  7. Revelation of the phenomena
  8. The question that needs to be answered is how the revelation of this phenomena occurs? The first proposed solution is given in the membrane and receivers theory presented below.

    4.1) Membrane and Receivers Theory

    The propagation of the wave (e) and (g) are similar to what is produced over the elastic membrane when one mass is placed over it and begins to oscillate. Over the membrane, as a consequence of the oscillation of the mass, wave propagation occurs and those wave influence other mass placed over the same membrane to generate the vibration.

    The situation is dependent upon the weight of this mass, if the mass is very heavy the perturbation produced by oscillation is very slow and consequently the mass results macroscopically without influence. If the mass is light enough, a small amount of perturbation can produce a big action creating oscillation in that mass.

    The weight of the receiving mass can be considered as the physical predisposition to the reception.

    From this parallel we can try to clarify the influence of the low-force over the predisposed individuals.

    Obviously, to get this reaction there is a need to have, or to be, a receiving system.

    The receivers reacting to fields (e) and (g) shall be of the two types: electrical and gravitational.

    Taking into account that in the human brain the cells are made up of electrical charges and mass, it is comprehensive enough to suppose that one perturbation (e) or (g) can influence the space position of the DNA molecules of the nerves and at the same time change the electro-gravitational comportment producing a chemical-physical reaction that becomes a cerebral translation phenomena by the received perturbation.

    The perturbation for producing an intense effect overcoming the level of unconsciousness or the non-correlated signals defined physically like white noise, need not only enough intensity for the signal and level of noise, but also enough nerve cells sensitive to perturbation to be high enough to define variation and resonate with that perturbation.

    The membrane effect can permit then to clarify the type of perturbation of the events and the characteristics of the receiver can be enable recognition and make evident, the phenomena.

    Starting from this general hypothesis, we would like to indicate same proposed work for which it is necessary to create same Study Groups to verify the hypothesis and determine the physical characteristics of the phenomena.

    4.2) Work hypothesis

    Supposing that some particular strands of DNA have the peripheral electrons of the amino-acids sensitive enough, then in that case they can change our spatial position. If they are influenced by field (e) and (g) they can communicate to the nerve cells these events. If the variation is coherent and similar in a large number of cells, there is an amplification of the effect and then, at the same time, the translation. In this case the cerebral reaction can effect the vision of the perturbing phenomena.

    In that situation, one person having the predisposed nerve can be able to receive correlated information of the events existing around him and then be conscious of the situation or size, having sent the (e) and (g) signals in space-time.

    With this hypothesis, the prediction or the sensitivity is explained like a physical characteristic of the subject being able, as a consequence of neuronic structure and sensitivity, to see part or flashes of the past or the future co-existing like we have said before in our space-time.



  9. The Law
  10. The most laborious point of the search, that taking account of the present hypotheses, is the determination of the law that is spread out because such phenomena are verified at given moment, what causes the determined happening, let alone the possible situations to catalyse. Such phenomena influence the psycho-physical sensible subject, is sometimes insurmountable.

    In a series of analysed causes, it appears that sometimes quite a lot influences the presence of another subject calling "catalyst" in which to carry about the sensitive high numbers of perturbed coherent fields and arrange in a better condition to tune into the receiving system. In such conditions, the prepared subject, if it is not disturbed from external physical factors, if it is relaxed and quiet psychologically it is able to receive distinctly the perturbing field.

    Sometime if the sensitive have some positive or negative sentiments versus the catalyst subject, the phenomena of the reception is exalted, but also in some cases, distorted. With the first scientifically approach, starting by the membrane theory and the receivers, it is proposed below a formula that we can permit a first evaluation of the intensity of energy received able to make conscious, the predisposed subject, of the events that have radiated this energy.

    The first scientific formulation of the equation requiring extra through verifications in this general expression is indicated below:


    ER = GA ET


    In which:

    ER = Received Energy

    ET = Transmitted Energy

    GA = Antenna Gain


    GA is affected by: the means of propagation

    the time-space distortions

    the physical characteristics of receiving Antenna


    That law in a first approximated form, but much more explicit, can happen to be represented in the following manner:


    ER = No s MN kep (hf + mc2 ) a i f(t)


    In which:

    ER = Received Energy

    No = Number of neurones for surface unity

    s = parameter taking into account the reception surface

    MN = Number of DNA molecules sensible to fields (e) and (g) for each


    Kep = Number of peripheral electrons of each DNA molecule sensible to (e) (g)

    hf = Electromagnetic energy (e)

    mc2 = Gravitational energy (g)

    a i = typical parameter of subject

    ft = parameter taking into account when the event received was verified


    a i happen to be function: the organs of the subject involved by the forces,

    the psycho-physical characteristics typically of the subject,

    the type and number of synapses.


    This simplification include the parameters f(t) having the function different correlated with the events influencing the sensitive if this event has happened in recent time or in the past or in future time. This function is dependent strictly from the individual.



  11. Some adjunctive notes
  12. 6.1) Comportment of sensitives

    The psycho-physical comportment of sensitive needs deep investigation.

    The subject analysed by us, having the characteristics to react prevalently to field (e), present in majority a similar phenomena. They declare to produce a big sense of discomfort when they are inside where the field (e) are screened like a gallery, lift, rail wagon, aeroplane.

    The prevalent sensitives in field (g) are instead influenced by the static object, but with a particular material, or by the object in movement everywhere. The sensitive (g) is sometime able to support the phenomena of "telekinesis".

    Some of this sensitive have the capacity to see or to listen to the phenomena from which the phenomena are influenced probably by the action of the cerebral neurone controlling the circuits of sound or vision.

    One relevant comportment is the ability of some sensitives to switch on the neuronic action from the outside, for example touching the forefinger and the index finger of the right hand between us, to permit some neurones to predispose and receive signals of other types probably changing chemical-physical characteristics of the neurone interested.

    The contactists are in a little different situation because they present a diversified comportment for which it is very difficult to find a general comportment. That situation depends probably because until now deep scientific analysis have not been made in that direction.


    6.2) Intervention on the Reality

    The knowledge of future events, at this state of analysis, happens to effect the influence of their evolution. That influence, moreover does not appear overall. We can change a little the flux of events but we cannot change what the Ancient Greeks called "Fate", that represents the existence of these events, in this law of connection in which are admitted only some particular solutions.

    This variation seems to be represented by the deformation of the time and space.

    Who can make that deformation?

    One spontaneous answer can be: the man with the help of the creator and regulator of this Universe.

    But other hypothesis can be possible. One of these needing a deep and detailed analysis is indicated like a possible deformator of space-time, the extra-terrestrial individual operating on the earth and in other space-time sectors.

    An analysis of the UFO phenomena, seen in the unification of the force actually known can be, in our opinion, to be make the Ufology in a new status of science to permit at the knowledge to progress finally in the direction of the fascinating space of our future.



  13. Which studies to make?
  14. Physical research over the unification of the force and over its co-presence (see SSH theory).

    Biological research over neurones, over influence of the force over neurones and their interaction with other specialised parts of the brain.

    Research on two facing hemisphere oscillating on frequency range of 3-300 GHz.



  15. Conclusion

Much need to be done, but if, paraphrasing Eddington and Kant "the Mind does not keep from the natural anything of what it already has put in" remains a mystery, connected with our desire for knowledge which we can explain only with the hypothesis we:

"are the sons of GOD".








Roma 18/7/1991